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About us

 About us  My name is Amit Kumar Shiva. I am a graduate and teach in a private school. I live in a small village Chotki Lari in Ramgarh district of Jharkhand state. Father is Late Manki Nayak and Mother is Late Reema Devi. I fulfill their dreams. Could not do it. It has been said that even the food served is not destined. The same situation has happened to me.My blog title is Amitshiva. My description topic is Religion, social, political, News, health, entertainment etc. 

I like to read and teach. I like to hear good things and say good things. I do self-study every day and sit in meditation every evening. I don't worry about the future and don't feel sad about the past. I believe

I am working hard to live and I am satisfied with that